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The 31st International KOGO Annual Conference


'Frontiering genomics beyond the pandemic'

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Hall A

Session 1. Single cell genomics

Organizer: Hae-Ock Lee (The Catholic University of Korea)
Chair: Hae-Ock Lee (The Catholic University of Korea)

09:00-09:25(25') Population genetics meets cellular genomics Joseph Powell
(Garvan Institute)
09:25-09:50(25') Third-generation sequencing (TGS) platform-based single-cell omics sequencing technologies Fuchou Tang
(Peking University)
09:50-10:15(25') Understanding complex diseases with single-cell 3D epigenomics Inkyung Jung
10:15-10:40(25') New computational methods for single cell RNA-seq analysis Buhm Han
(Seoul National University)

Hall B

Session 2. Medical genomics

Organizer: Murim Choi (Seoul National University)
Chair: Hong-Hee Won (Sungkyunkwan University)

09:00-09:25(25') Genetic modifiers of Huntington's disease Jong-Min Lee
(Harvard Medical School)
09:25-09:50(25') Insights into the genetic architecture and biology of youth-onset type 2 diabetes Soo Heon Kwak
(Seoul National University Hospital)
09:50-10:15(25') COVID-eQTL: variants that confer COVID susceptibility Murim Choi
(Seoul National University)
10:15-10:40(25') A Framework for Individualized Splice-Altering Therapy in a Rare Genetic Disease Jinkuk Kim
* Plenary Lecture I
Chair: Injin Jang(Seoul National University)

Cell Atlases as roadmaps to understand and treat disease

Aviv Regev
(Genentech Research and Early Development)


Conference Room 1&2

Session 15. The PPF (Past, Present and Future) of Genome Research
Chair: Jeong-Ah Seo(Soongsil University)
11:00-11:05(05') Opening address Jeong-Ah Seo
(Soongsil University)
11:05-11:10(05') Welcome address Yeongsu Kim
(Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs)
11:10-11:30(20') Achievements of Korea Post-Genome Project Jeong-Ah Seo
(Soongsil University)
11:30-12:35(65') The future of genome research Panel discussion
12:35-12:40(05') Closing address Jeong-Ah Seo
(Soongsil University)

Hall A

Session 3. GWAS on complex diseases using the Korea Biobank Array

Organizer: Bong-Jo Kim(National Institute of Health)
Chair: Hyun-Young Park(National Institute of Health)

11:40-11:55(15') The Korea Biobank Array based genome-wide meta-analysis of 288,137 East Asians unravels genetic architecture for metabolic traits Yoon Shin Cho
(Hallym University)
11:55-12:10(15') Recapitulating shared genetic risk variants in large cohort Sun Ha Jee
(Yonsei University)
12:10-12:25(15') Phenome-wide association study of the major histocompatibility complex region in the Korean population identifies novel association signals Buhm Han
(Seoul National University)
12:20-12:40(15') Advancing Korean Genome Research: automated imputation service and Next Generation Genotyping Array Mi Yeong Hwang
(National Institute of Health)

Hall B

Session 4. Young Scientists' Session

Chair: TBD

11:40-11:50(10') Relative infectivity of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in human alveolar cells Taewoo Kim
11:50-12:00(10') p57kip2 imposes the reserve stem cell state of gastric chief cells Somi Kim
12:00-12:10(10') macrophage/monocyte dynamics in single cell transcriptomic level induced by the feed with bifidobacterium can contribute resolution in intensive care unit mice model YuMin Kim
12:10-12:20(10') Single cell transcriptomics reveals disease-associated neuronal subtypes and distinct inflammatory and immune characteristics in the sporadic Parkinson’s disease substantia nigra. Sooyeon Yoo
(Seoul National University Hospital)
12:20-12:30(10') Characterization of cellular subtypes in foreign body reaction identified by spatial and single-cell RNA-sequencing Yoon Seob Kim
(The Catholic University of Korea)
12:30-12:40(10') Single cell RNA sequencing in advanced lung cancer highlighting cell types and signatures associated with the response to checkpoint immunotherapy Nayoung Kim
(The Catholic University of Korea)
Hall A
Luncheon Seminar 1_Insilicogen
Strategy for Bio big data and AI in medical healthcare and life science

-Hyungyong Kim


-Ryan (Joung Ouk) Kim (Intel Korea)

Hall B
Luncheon Seminar 2_Miltenyi Biotec Korea
The MACSima™ Imaging Platform : High-content imaging platform with unlimited protein markers on one sample in one experiment

   Gyeong-Yi Kang
(Miltenyi Biotec Korea)


Hall A

Session 5. Viral Genomics

Organizer: Man-Seong Park (College of Medicine at Korea University)
Chair: Kisoon Kim (College of Medicine at Korea University)

13:40-14:05(25') Molecular evolution and recombination of SARS-CoV-2 in South Korea Jinil Kim
(College of Medicine at Korea University)
14:05-14:30(25') Cross-reactive antibody analysis for SARS-CoV-2 spike protein Sung-Gyoo Park
(College of Pharmacy at Seoul National University)
14:30-14:55(25') Tracing the viral variants using AI model Insung Ahn
14:55-15:20(25') Current status of SARS-CoV-2 variants in Korea
Eun-Jin Kim
(Korea Disease Control and prevention Agency(KDCA))

Hall B

Session 6. Plant genomics

Organizer: Kyung Do Kim (Myongji University)
Chair: Kyung Do Kim (Myongji University)

13:40-14:05(25') Graph-based pangenomics maximizes genotyping density and reveals structural impacts on fungal resistance Justin Vaughn
14:05-14:30(25') Single-cell RNA sequencing for scent biosynthetic genes, with practical experience in plant Moon-Young Kang
14:30-14:55(25') The profound benefits of international exchange of seeds and genome information - examples from peanut David Bertioli
(University of Georgia, USA)
14:55-15:20(25') Large-scale and genome-wide identification of Horizontal Transfers reveals new insights into possible routes of inter-species genetic exchange in non-parasitic plants. Moaine El Baidouri
(CNRS, France)

Conference Room 1&2

Session 16. Lessons from the pilot project of the National Bio Big Data (국가 바이오 빅데이터 구축 시범사업 성과)
Organizer: Woong-Yang Park (Samsung Medical Center)
Chair: Woong-Yang Park (Samsung Medical Center)
13:40-14:00(20') Lessons from the pilot project of the National Bio Big Data Hyun-Young Park
(Korea National Institue of Health)
14:00-14:20(20') Whole Genome Sequencing in clinical diagnosis of rare diseases So Young Lee
14:20-14:40(20') Characteristics of genetic variants discovered from about 5,000 whole genome sequenced Korean samples Young Jin Kim
(Korea National Institue of Health)

Hall A

Session 7. Epigenomics

Organizer: Mirang Kim(KRIBB)
Chair: Eun-Jung Cho (Sungkyunkwan University)

15:40-16:05(25') Evidence for epigenetic drift as a reversible cause of aging Jae-Hyun Yang
(Harvard Medical School)
16:05-16:30(25') Intranuclear topology of mammalian transcription Won-Ki Cho
16:30-16:55(25') Unraveling epigenetic and metabolic cross-talk in DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) Chan Chung
16:55-17:20(25') Epigenetic regulation of brain plasticity Seung-Kyoon Kim
(Chungnam National University)

Hall B

Session 8. Cancer Genomics

Organizer: Kyung-min Lee (Hanyang University)
Chair: Kyung-min Lee (Hanyang University)

15:40-16:05(25') Landscape of transposon-fusion RNA in human tissue and cancer Eunjung Alice Lee
(Boston Children's Hostpital, Harvard Medical School)
16:05-16:30(25') Spatiotemporally Resolved Single-cell Analyses Delineate Early Esophageal Squamous Carcinogenesis Jungmin Choi
(Korea University)
16:30-16:55(25') NicheSVM: integrating single cell and spatial transcriptome on human pancreatic cancer identified neighbor-specific gene signatures between cancer and normal ductal cells Junil Kim
(Soongsil University)
16:55-17:20(25') Genomic Amplification Related to Treatment Resistance in Breast Cancer Jeong-Yeon Lee
(Hanyang University)

Conference Room 1&2

Session 17. Advances in Omics Technology
Chair: Dong-Sung Lee (University of Seoul)  
14:40-15:10(30') Mapping the Future with Spatial Genomics
Suyoung Ko

Advances and applications of single-cell RNA sequencing technology

Donghyun Park
(Geninus Inc.)
15:40-16:10(30') See biology in new ways with spatial and in situ technologies
Leo Chan
(10x Genomics | DAON BioSciences)

Hall A

Session 9. Immuno-Genomics

Organizer: Jung Kyoon Choi (KAIST)
Chair: Se-Hoon Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)

09:00-09:25(25') Integration of genomic and non-genomic analysis to improve the understanding resistance and overcoming strategy in lung cancer Se-Hoon Lee
(Sungkyunkwan University)
09:25-09:50(25') Single-cell analysis reveals immune traits associated with poor prognosis in Fusobacterium-infected colorectal cancer Insuk Lee
(Yonsei University)
09:50-10:15(25') Advancing precision cancer medicine via synthetic lethality Joo Sang Lee
(Sungkyunkwan University)
10:15-10:40(25') Determinants of neoantigen validity in cancer immunotherapy Kwoneel Kim
(Kyung Hee University)

Hall B

Session 10. Microbiome

Organizer: Soon-Kyeong Kwon (Gyeongsang National University)
Chair: Jung-Shin Lee (Kangwon National University)

09:00-09:25(25') The Human Microbiome and Development and Progression of Orodigestive Track Cancers  Jiyoung Ahn
(New York University Grossman School of Medicine)
09:25-09:50(25') Dysbiosis of the Microbiome in Gastric cancer and Lung cancer Woo Jun Sul
(Chung-Ang University)
09:50-10:15(25') Microbiome studies on allergic diseases Bong-Soo Kim
(Hallym University)
10:15-10:40(25') Deciphering antibiotic resistome in the human gut microbiome Mina Rho
(Hanyang university)
* Plenary Lecture II


Chair: Sanghyuk Lee (Ewha Womans University)

Epigenomic Landscape of the Mammalian Brain at Single-Cell Resolution

Joseph R. Ecker
(Howard Hughes Medical Institute and The Salk Institute for Biological Studies)

* Unbong Kang Hyen Sam Award Lecture
Chair:  Kwang-Lae Hoe(Chungnam National University)

Epigenetic regulatory mechanism of eukaryotic transcription on chromatin

Daeyoup Lee (KAIST)

Hall A
Luncheon Seminar 3_BMS
Sequencing technology for large project microbiome characterization

Stanislav Dusko EHRLICH

(University College London)

Conference Room 1&2
Luncheon Seminar 4_NRF
Briefing on the NRF Basic Research in Science & Engineering Programs with Researchers Tae-Young Roh
(Director of Division of Life Sciences, NRF)
Lunch Time


* Plenary Lecture III
Chair: Sung-Soo Yoon (Seoul National University College of Medicine)

Gastric Cancer beyond Gene Mutations : Single-cells and Epigenomes

Patrick Tan
(Duke-NUS Medical School)

Hall A

Session 11. Complex Disease Genomics

Organizer: Hong-Hee Won (Sungkyunkwan University)
Chair: Hong-Hee Won (Sungkyunkwan University)

14:10-14:35(25') Telomere-to-telomere assembly of diploid chromosomes Adam M. Phillippy
(National Human Genome Research Institute)
14:35-15:00(25') Human genomic approaches to advance biological and clinical understandings of human disease Ron Do
(Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
15:00-15:25(25') Whole-exome sequencing of 41K CAD cases and 217K controls identifies perturbation in nitric oxide signaling as a non-lipid molecular subtype of coronary artery disease Wallace Minxian Wang
(Beijing Institute of Genomics)
15:25-15:50(25') Current situations and future perspective of genomics on lipid disorders and cardiovascular disease Hayato Tada
(Kanazawa University)

Hall B

Session 12. New Technologies in Genomics

Organizer: Inkyung Jung (KAIST)
Chair: Tae-Kyung Kim (POSTECH)

14:10-14:35(25') Across the border: How can some enhancers cross TAD boundaries and skip over genes? Alistair Boettiger
(Stanford University, School of Medicine)
14:35-15:00(25') The 4D Nucleome of gene regulation in stem cell and development Yarui Diao
(Duke University)
15:00-15:25(25') Precision targeting tumor cells using cancer-specific InDel mutations with CRISPR-Cas9 Taejoon Kwon
15:25-15:50(25') A synthetic biology approach for investigating epigenetic regulation Minhee Park

Conference Room 1&2

AWS/Illumina Education Workshop
14:00-15:00(60') How to build genomic research platform on AWS
Seungil Yoo
(Theragen Bio)
15:00-16:00(60') How to Unlock the Full Potential of Genomics with Illumina Connected Analytics
Jeongmin Kim

Hall A

Session 13. Non-coding RNAs and Epitranscriptomes

Organizer: Yoosik Kim(KAIST)
Chair: Yoosik Kim(KAIST)

16:00-16:25(25') nc886, a human non-coding RNA that plays multiple roles in cancer Yong Sun Lee
(National Cancer Center)
16:25-16:50(25') Addressing New Biomedical Challenges for Brain disease through AI Fusion Research Jae-yeol Joo
(Hanyang University)
16:50-17:15(25') Roles of RNA m6A modification in Xenopus primary axis formation Hyunjoon Kim
(Center for RNA Research, IBS)
17:15-17:40(25') Gene expression control of embryonic reprogramming in Drosophila Mihye Lee
(Soonchunhyang University)

Hall B

Session 14. Bioinformatics and System Biology

Organizer: Daechan Park (Ajou University)
Chair: Jihwan Park (GIST)

16:00-16:25(25') Single-cell approaches for refined prognostication in cancer
Su Bin Lim
(Ajou University School of Medicine)
16:25-16:50(25') Recurrent 3D genome structural alterations facilitate activity dependent oncogene expression Dong-Sung Lee (University of Seoul)
16:50-17:15(25') Integrative machine learning framework for the identification of cell-specific enhancers from the human genome Balachandran Manavalan (Sungkyunkwan University)
17:15-17:40(25') Single-cell dissection of nervous system evolution
Daehan Lee
(Kyung Hee University)

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