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Conference Program: Speakers


  • Na-Young Kim (Samsung Genome Institute): Inferring genetic features from single-cell RNA sequencing
  • Wataru Fujibuchi (Kyoto Univ.): Quality Assessment of Stem and Differentiated Cells for Regenerative Medicine by International Stem Cell Bank Initiative

Stem cell and Development

  • Jong Kyung Kim (DGIST): Defining the identity and dynamics of adult gastric isthmus stem cells
  • Tommy Terooatea (RIKEN): Ageing mouse atlas
  • Yan Jun Lan (RIKEN): Non-coding regulatory elements in human brain organoids during neurodevelopment

Technology Development

  • Hye Ran Koh (Chung-Ang Univ.): Investigating the role of structural features of small RNAs in RNA interference at single-cell level
  • Duhee Bang (Yonsei Univ.): High-throughput SNV screening with targeted deaminase and single-cell analysis
  • 10x genomics sponsor talk
  • C1 fluidigm sponsor talk


  • Florent Ginhoux (A*STAR): The heterogeneity of human circulating and tissue mononuclear phagocytes unraveled using single cell omics
  • Amit Singhal (A*STAR): Single-cell analysis revealed a SIRT1 and mitochondria mediated immune fitness mechanisme


  • Ramanuj Dasgupta (Genome Institute of Singapore): Mapping trajectories of drug-induced tumor evolution “one cell at-a-time”
  • Yoong Yang Park (Sungkyunkwan Univ.): Comprehensive cellular landscape of colorectal cancer
  • Shyam Prabhakar (Genome Institute of Singapore): Colorectal and lung cancer: inferring cell types and states from large scRNA-seq datasets
  • Sadahiro Iwabuchi (Kanazawa Univ): Single-cell gene expression analysis in gynecological cancer

Collaboration and Networking I

  • Alistair Forrest (Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research): The Western Australian cancer single cell initiative

Collaboration and Networking II

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