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The 27th International KOGO Annual Conference

Genomics: A New Path toward Convergence of Biology and Medicine

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Date/Time/Venue Session
September, 5 2018

Hall A

S1. Genomic Mutation
Somatic Mutations in Human Tissues

Organizer: Young Seok Ju(KAIST)
Chair: Young Seok Ju(KAIST)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
13:20-13:45(25) Mutational Chronology and Functional Impacts of Genomic Rearrangements in Lung Adenocarcinoma

Young Seok Ju(KAIST)

13:45-14:10(25) Oncogenic Roles of Somatic Retrotransposition in Human Cancers

Jose Tubio(University of Santiago de Compostela)

14:10-14:35(25) Deciphering the Cell-of-Origin Harboring Driver Mutations in Brain Tumors

Jeong Ho Lee(KAIST)

14:35-15:00(25) The Repertoire of Mutational Signatures in Human Cancer

Ludmil Alexandrov(University of California San Diego)

September, 5 2018

Hall B

S2. Evolutionary Genomics
Genome, Genome Evolution and Human Diseases

Organizer: Sun Shim Choi(Kangwon National University)
Chair: Sun Shim Choi(Kangwon National University)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
13:20-13:50(30) Causes and Consequences of Regulatory Evolution of Human Brain

Soojin Yi(Georgia Institute of Technology)

13:50-14:20(30) Dynamic Evolution of Olfactory Receptor Genes in Mammals: Possible Link to Anatomy and Ecology

Yoshihito Niimura(The University of Tokyo)

14:20-14:40(20) New Insights into Evolutionary History of the Arthropod Genomes, Focused on the Crustacea

Seong-il Eyun(Chung-Ang University)

14:40-15:00(20) Can RNA Transcriptomes Accurately Resolve a Phylogenetic Tree?

Chungoo Park(Chonnam National University)

September, 5 2018

Hall A

Unbong Kang Hyen Sam Award Lecture


September, 5 2018

Hall A

PL1. Human Cancer Heterogeneity: Challenges and Opportunities for Clinical Impact

Andy Futreal(MD Anderson Cancer Center)
Chair: Tae-You Kim(Seoul National University)

September, 6 2018

Hall A

S3. Medical GenomicsⅠ
Global Efforts to Enhance Rare Disease Research

Organizer: Murim Choi(Seoul National University)
Chair: Murim Choi(Seoul National University)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
09:00-09:35(35) Recent Advancements in Biomarker Discovery and /Translational Research of Mendelian Disorders and Precision Medicine Efforts at Yale

Shrikant Mane(Yale University)

09:35-10:00(25) Undiagnosed Disease Program in Korea; Lessons & Learned from 1 year pilot project

Jong-Hee Chae(Seoul National University)

10:00-10:25(25) Auditorin(TMEM00), A Novel Cation Channel In Cochlear Glia Is Critical For Maintenance Of Speechperception

Byung-Yoon Choi(Seoul National University Bundang hospital)

10:25-10:40(15) Severity of GABBR2 Mutations Determines Neurological Phenotypes Ranging from Rett-like Syndrome to Epileptic Encephalopathy

Yongjin Yoo(Seoul National University)

September, 6 2018

Hall B

S4. Plant Genomics
Future Plant Genomics and Biological Application

Organizer: Yong-Min Kim(KRIBB)
Chair: Yong-Min Kim(KRIBB)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
09:00-09:25(25) Genome and Transcriptome Analyses of Striga spp.

Satoko Yoshida(Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

09:25-09:50(25) Plant DNA Demethylase Induces Antiviral Response by Interferon Signaling in Mammalian Cells

Jin Hoe Huh(Seoul National University)

09:50-10:15(25) TGFam-Finder : An Unbiased Solution for Structural Annotation of Target Gene Family in Eukaryotic Genome

Seungill Kim(Seoul National University)

10:15-10:40(25) Toward Functional Genomics of Immune Receptor and Their Application in Capsicum Annuum

Seon-In Yeom(Gyeongsang National University)

September, 6 2018

Hall A

S5. Genome Editing
From High-throughput Screening to Therapy

Organizer: Hyongbum Henry Kim(Yonsei University)
Chair: Hyongbum Henry Kim(Yonsei University)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
11:00-11:30(30) Therapeutic Strategies via Genome Engineering: New Approaches and New Challenges

Prashant Mali(University of California San Diego)


Highly Accurate Prediction of CRISPR-Cpf1 Activity

Hyongbum Henry Kim(Yonsei University)

12:00-12:30(30) Development and Application of CRISPR-based Pooled Screens

Yongsub Kim(University of Ulsan College of Medicine)

12:30-12:40(10) Profiling and Improving Genome-wide Specificities of Programmable Nucleases/deaminase

Daesik Kim(Institute for Basic Science)

September, 6 2018

Hall B

S6. Chemical Genomics
Pharmacogenomics for Targeted Therapy

Organizer: Hyun Goo Woo(Ajou University)
Chair: Hyun Goo Woo(Ajou University)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
11:00-11:25(25) Data-driven Approaches for Drug Response Prediction

Jaewoo Kang(Korea University)

11:25-11:50(25) PANCANCER Analysis of Cancer Genome Revealed Genomic Alterations Associated with Response to Immunotherapy

Ju-Seog Lee(UT MD Anderson Cancer Center)

11:50-12:15(25) Clinical Application of Deep-learning Analysis Using Cancer Transcriptome Database

Chan-Young Ock(Seoul National University Hospital)

12:15-12:40(25) Recapitulation of Pharmacogenomic Data to Identify Targets for Precision Cancer Therapy

Hyun Goo Woo(Ajou University)

September, 6 2018

Hall A

Luncheon Seminar 1 - Bio-Express: Bioinformatics Workflow System for Massive Genomic Sequencing Data Analysis

 Byungwook Lee(KOBIC)

September, 6 2018

Hall A

Luncheon Seminar 2 - Revealing the True Biology of Cancer with Chromium Solution

Ken Osaki(10x Genomics Inc)/(DAON BioSciences, Inc.)

September, 6 2018

Hall A

S7. Functional Genomics
Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression

Organizer: Daeyoup Lee(KAIST) & TaeSoo Kim(Ewha Womans University)
Chair: Jaehoon Kim(KAIST)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
13:40-14:05(25) SAGA regulates mRNA Quality Control and Export for Proteostasis

Daeyoup Lee(KAIST)

14:05-14:30(25) Histone H4-specific Deacetylation by Hda1C Suppresses Nucleosome Instability within Active Coding Regions

TaeSoo Kim(Ewha Womans University)

14:30-14:55(25) Cross-talks Between Chromatin Regulators That Travel with Pol II are Coordinated by CTD and Essential for Their Functionalities

Bing Li(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

14:55-15:20(25) Enhancer Regulation in Pancreatic Cancer Metastasis

Jae-Seok Roe(Yonsei University)

September, 6 2018

Hall B

S8. Genome Technology
Genome Technology

Organizer: Duhee Bang(Yonsei University)
Chair: Duhee Bang(Yonsei University)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
13:40-14:05(25) Lineage Tracing Using Engineered CRISPR-Cas9 System

Byungjin Hwang(Yonsei University)

14:05-14:30(25) Immune-Profiling of Human B Cell Repertoire Using Next Generation Sequencing Technology

Junho Chung(Seoul National University)


MSSICTM: Massively Separated and Sequence Identified Cloning

Hyoki Kim(Celemics, Inc.)

14:55-15:20(25) Structural Dynamics of Genomic Loci in Living Cells

Sang-Hee Shim(Korea University)

September, 6 2018

Conference 1&2

Korea National Institute of Health
KoreanChip Consortium Symposium
Organizer: Bong-Jo Kim(KNIH)
Chair: Hyun-Young Park(KNIH)
Open Remark
Hyun-Young Park(KNIH)
The Korea Biobank Array: Design and identification of population-specific coding variants associated with blood biochemical traits
Sanghoon Moon(KNIH)
Causal effect of alcohol use on hyperuricemia: a Mendelian Randomization Design
Sun Ha Jee(Yonsei University)
Distinct genetic risk factors of type 1 diabetes in Koreans identified using genome-wide association analysis
Soo Heon Kwak(Seoul National University)
A streamlined pipeline for HLA imputation, analysis, and visualization
Buhm Han(Seoul National University)
Troubleshooting the challenges of Case-Control genome-wide association study
Young Jin Kim(KNIH)
Closing Remark
Bong-Jo Kim(KNIH)
September, 6 2018

Hall A

PL2. Histone H3 T11 Phosphorylation by Sch9 and CK2 Regulates Lifespan by Controlling the Nutritional Stress Response

Jerry Workman(Stowers Institute for Medical Research)
Chair: Yeul Hong Kim(Korea University)

September, 7 2018

Hall A

S9. Clinical Cancer Genomics
Revealing Cancer Immune Landscape using Genome Data

Organizer: Youngil Koh(Seoul National University)
Chair: Sung-Soo Yoon(Seoul National University)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
09:00-09:25(25) Cancer Whole Genome Sequencing and Immuno-genomic Analysis for Cancer

Hidewaki Nakagawa(RIKEN)

09:25-09:50(25) Strategy for Targeting B-cell Malignancies with Various Immune Checkpoint Modulators

Youngil Koh(Seoul National University)

09:50-10:15(25) Genomic Correlates of Tumor Response to Immunotherapy

Jung Kyoon Choi(KAIST)

10:15-10:40(25) Understanding and Modeling Resistance to Immune Checkpoint (PD-1) Blockade in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Jungmin Choi(The Rockefeller University)

September, 7 2018

Hall B

S10. Microbial Genomics
Metagenomics and Eukaryotic Microbiome

Organizer: GwangPyo Ko(Seoul National University)
Chair: GwangPyo Ko(Seoul National University)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
09:00-09:25(25) Systematic Functional Genomics Analysis of Fungal Phosphatome Networks

Yong-Sun Bahn(Yonsei University)

09:25-09:50(25) Molecular Biology-based Bioaerosol Research: From Human Health to Climate Sciences

Naomichi Yamamoto(Seoul National University)

09:50-10:15(25) Tomato Rhizosphere Microbiota and Tomato Plant Health

Seon-Woo Lee(Dong-A University)

10:15-10:40(25) Comprehensive Profiling on Microbiotas Inhabiting in Rice Agroecosystem

Yong-Hwan Lee(Seoul National University)

September, 7 2018

Hall A

S11. Cancer Genomics
Cancer Genome Analysis

Organizer: Tae-Min Kim(The Catholic University of Korea)
Chair: Tae-Min Kim(The Catholic University of Korea)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
11:00-11:25(25) Tumor Heterogeneity in Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

Ruibin Xi(Peking University)

11:25-11:50(25) Bridging Transcriptional and Genetic Profile to Understand Clonal Heterogeneity and Tumor Evolution

Woong-Yang Park(Samsung Genome Institute)

11:50-12:15(25) Genomics of PDX Mouse Models for Precision Treatment of Lung Cancer

Sanghyuk Lee(Ewha Womans University)

12:15-12:40(25) Synchronous Premalignant and Malignant Genome Analyses Based on Pathologic Insights

Sug Hyung Lee(The Catholic University of Korea)

September, 7 2018

Hall B

S12. Medical GenomicsⅡ
Genetic Architecture of Common Complex Disease

Organizer: Soo Heon Kwak(Seoul National University)
Chair: Taesung Park(Seoul National University)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
11:00-11:20(20) Nonsynonymous Variants in PAX4 and GLP1R Are Associated
with Type 2 Diabetes in an East Asian Population

Soo Heon Kwak(Seoul National University)

11:20-11:50(30) Discovery and Fine-mapping of Type 2 Diabetes Susceptibility Loci in More Than One Million Individuals of Diverse Ancestry

Andrew P Morris(University of Liverpool)

11:50-12:10(20) Epigenome-wide Association Study of Serum Lipids Levels

Min A Jhun(Catholic University of Korea)

12:10-12:40(30) Contribution of Common and Rare Variants to Bipolar Disorder Susceptibility in Extended Pedigrees from Population Isolates

Jae Hoon Sul(UCLA)

September, 7 2018

Hall A

Luncheon Seminar 3 - Bionano Genome Mapping Identifies Structural Variants in Cancer and Genetic Disorders

Goran Pljevaljcic(Bionano Genomics)/(MDxK)

September, 7 2018

Hall A

Luncheon Seminar 4 - Dissecting the Role of Enhancer Regulation in Cancer Biology

Jae-Seok Roe(Yonsei University)/(Post Genome Research Center)

September, 7 2018

Hall A

S13. Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Cutting-edge Analysis Methods for Genome Research

Organizer: Sangwoo Kim(Yonsei University)
Chair: Sangwoo Kim(Yonsei University)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
14:00-14:40(40) On the Mechanisms of Complex Structural Variation in Cancer

Vineet Bafna(University of California San Diego)

14:40-15:00(20) A Computational Model for Predicting Therapy Response of PD-1/PD-L1 Checkpoint Blockades

Sanghyuk Lee(Ewha Womans University)

15:00-15:20(20) Prediction of Drug-target Interactions using Deep Neural Networks Model

Hojung Nam(GIST)

15:20-15:40(20) Using Pathway Logic and Gene Expression Data to Analyze the Role of Signaling Pathways in Breast Cancer

Sun Kim(Seoul National University)

September, 7 2018

Hall B

S14. Proteogenomics
Cancer Proteogenomics

Organizer: Sang-Won Lee(Korea University)
Chair: Sang-Won Lee(Korea University)

Time Title / Speaker(Affiliation)
14:00-14:30(30) Proteogenomic Characterization of Human Colon Cancer Reveals Novel Therapeutic Opportunities

Bing Zhang(Baylor College of Medicine)

14:30-14:55(25) Proteogenomic Analysis of Pancreatic Cancers

Daehee Hwang(DGIST)

14:55-15:20(25) Developing Core Proteogenomic Technologies to Establish Precision Medicines for Human Diseases

Sang-Won Lee(Korea University)

15:20-15:40(20) Integrative Multi-Omic Analysis of CD4+ T cell differentiation

Min-Sik Kim(Kyung Hee University)

September, 7 2018

Conference 1&2

GC Genome
Clinical Application of Plasma Sequencing (NIPT & Liquid biopsy)

Eunhae Cho

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