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Time Table & Plenary Lectures

The 26th KOGO Annual Conference

Genomics for the Future Biology and Medicine

6-8, September, 2017
Sejong Convention Center, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea

Dr. Piero Carninci (Division Director, Divesion of Genomic Technologies, Center for Life Science Technologies, RIKEN)
An Emerging Landscape of Transcriptome Complexity
Dr. Michael Snyder (Stanford University)
Managing Health and Disease Using Big Data
Dr. Kyong Soo Park (President, Biomedical Research Institute, Seoul National University Hospital)
The Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Korean
Dean P. Jones (Emory University)
Day 1(Wednesday 6, September)
Time Hall A Hall B Conference 1 & 2 Conference 3 & 4
12:00-13:30(90) Registration    
13:30-15:30(120) S1. Functional Genomics S2. Protein Multi-marker Panel for Precision Medicine
15:30-15:50(20) Coffee Break & Opening Ceremony
15:50-16:30(40) Plenary Lecture 1. An Emerging Landscape of Transcriptome Complexity
Piero Carninci(RIKEN)
16:30-18:30(120) S3. Bioinformatics/Big Data S4. Metabolomics (16:30-17:50) S17. Young Scientists' Sessions
Day 2(Thursday 7, September)
09:00-11:00(120) S5. Genomics for Disease Mechanism S6. Microbiome (10:00-17:50) Multi-Ministerial Genome Project Session  
11:00-11:40(40) Plenary Lecture 2. Managing Health and Disease Using Big Data
Michael Snyder(Stanford University)
11:40-12:10(30) Lunch Workshop 1 Lunch Workshop 2
Sewon Kim(Macrogen) Keun-Joon Park(Thermo Fisher Scientific)
12:10-12:40(30) Lunch Workshop 3 Lunch Workshop 4
Woori Kwak(C&K Genomics) Young-Joon Kim(Yonsei University)
12:40-13:40(60) Poster Viewing
13:40-15:40(120) S7. Cancer Genomics S8. Plant Genomics (15:00-17:00) Epigenome  Utilization Research Workshop 
15:40-16:00(20) Coffee Break
16:00-18:00(120) S9. Genome Editing S10. RNA Biology
18:00-19:00(60) Welcome Reception (Lobby)    
Day 3(Friday 8, September)
09:00-11:00(120) S11. Arthropod Genomics S12. Pharmacogenomics    
11:00-11:40(40) Plenary Lecture 3. The Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes in Korean
Kyong Soo Park(Seoul National University)
11:40-12:10(30) Lunch Workshop 5 Lunch Workshop 6 (11:40-13:40) S18. Catalogue of Korean Exonic Variations
Seonah Kim(Roche Diagnostics Korea) Han Cao(Bionano Genomics)
12:10-12:40(30) Lunch Workshop 7 Lunch Workshop 8
Byungwook Lee(KOBIC) Yonsei University
12:40-13:40(60) Poster Viewing & Presentation
13:40-15:40(120) S13. ELSI in Gene Editing S14. Single Cell Genomics (14:00-17:30) S19. Korean Chip Array Consortium Session
15:40-16:00(20) Coffee Break
16:00-18:00(120) S15. Nutrogenomics and Personalized Nutrition S16. Rare Disease Genomics
18:00- Closing Ceremony & Awards

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